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Acquisition Lifecycle

We provide essential, independent, expert services across the entire acquisition lifecycle, enabling you to make fit-for-purpose, cost-effective acquisitions that comply with legal and policy requirements. We can: Deliver technically challenging, high value and geographically diverse programme

Advanced Intrusion Testing

QinetiQ's cyber security business are specialists in advanced intrusion testing

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection

Advanced Persistent Threat | APT Detection QinetiQ's cyber security business provides advice and services on insider threat management

Aerial Target Services

QinetiQ has a 20-year contract with the UK MOD for a Combined Aerial Target Service (CATS) to deliver aerial targets for weapon operator training and weapon system test and evaluation. The service includes tri-service delivery, four different aerial target systems, three service delivery teams


Advanced Air Technologies | Aviation Research QinetiQ de-risks complex aviation programmes, helping military and civil aerospace customers

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