The 5% Club

Investing in a generation

What ails Britain? We know we need growth, we hanker after our history of innovation. Yet, while we talk of a chronic skills shortage and – rightly – deplore high youth unemployment as the sacrifice of a generation, we consistently fail to fix it. Here is an issue whose impact is both social and economic, whose consequences are nationwide and long-term. Here is a problem requiring all of us to stand up and be counted. Inspiring the next generation is not enough – we must invest in it.

What's The 5% Club?

The 5% Club is targeted at companies who want to rebalance the economy and build Britain’s long-term prosperity through a focus on technical skills to drive innovation. The 5% Club is focused on creating momentum behind the recruitment of apprentices and graduates into the UK workforce. Its members consist of public and private companies in the UK who want to make a difference.

Member Companies of The 5% Club

QinetiQRenishawMBDA Missile SystemsAtkinsbabcockEADS

Member benefits

  • Committed to helping the country's growth agenda and acknowledge the importance of developing our people as both a business and social imperative
  • Playing our part in addressing youth unemployment and skills shortage
  • Committed to a public declaration of our aspiration for 5% of our workforce to consist of apprentices and graduates on formalised schemes by the end of a five-year period
  • Measuring and reporting on our progress annually against that metric in our Corporate Social Responsibility section of the Annual Report and Accounts or equivalent document
  • Committed to encouraging other businesses to participate in the campaign



Corporate Responsibility

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The 5% Club