Belgium: QinetiQ Space

QinetiQ Space Belgium (formerly known as Verhaert Space) has been the country’s leading space systems integrator for more than 40 years. 

We design, build, launch and operate complex space infrastructure and satellites.  Our main customers are currently the European Space Agency (ESA) and the larger European space integrators (Astrium, Thales and OHB). 

The PROBA remote sensing satellites were designed and built at our facilities near Antwerp, where today we deliver entire satellites and major satellite equipment including payload computers, remote terminal units and mass memories. 

We are also a major contributor to the infrastructure of the International Space Station – developing and building the sophisticated instruments that allow scientists to: 

work in microgravity conditions
conduct medical, physical and biological research
create new materials, and
carryout technological trials.

QinetiQ Space Belgium employs around 110 people with extensive experience in space systems engineering, architectural design, mission design and satellite operations.

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Belgium: QinetiQ Space