Our Approach

QinetiQ’s overarching strategic goal is to maximise the Group’s value by growing sustainable earnings through optimising the portfolio.

This strategy is known as Organic-Plus, and includes:

Active portfolio management to optimise business returns
Robust financial discipline to grow and maintain margins
Selective investment in ‘Core’ and ‘Explore’ portfolios and rigorous evaluation of investment options (‘Test for Value’). Investment is prioritised to grow market share in the ‘Core’ and to support accelerated business development in ‘Explore’. ‘Test for Value’ options must demonstrate a viable customer value proposition and a compelling potential to scale
Exploitation of customer-funded research and development into core defence and relevant markets
Customer intimacy to be a partner of choice for the long term, consistently striving to serve our customers better
Playing to QinetiQ strengths and assuming only those risks we are qualified to manage
Selective use of partnerships, alliances and acquisitions to accelerate compelling business development strategies and sustainable earnings growth
Monetising knowledge and IP via increased use of licensing approaches
Investment in our people and leadership development, particularly around commercial, customer engagement and people leadership development skills
Sustaining, building and leveraging our brand
Business development and investment in new geographies(e.g. Middle East, Scandinavia).
Four years ago, QinetiQ faced significant challenges. Our response has been to build a stronger Group from the ground up: leaner, debt-free and focused on exactly those capabilities most needed by our customers following the recent reset in defence budgets. Critically this was achieved by engaging the capacity of the organisation and only one year’s dividend suspension, following our decision not to seek further equity. The sale of US Services is a key milestone in the Group’s transformation.
Leo Quinn
Chief Executive Officer
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Our Approach