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Air Traffic Management

QinetiQ has a dedicated Air Traffic Management (ATM) team which provides independent advice on regulatory, technical and safety matters to support operational concepts and technology systems (both existing and proposed). Our customers include Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), civil regul

Airborne and Ground-Based Safety Nets

Safety nets enhance overall safety by providing warnings to the pilot/controller of potentially hazardous mid-air situations. QinetiQ has over 20 years’ experience in the safety nets domain; having world-class expertise in both airborne safety nets, namely: Airborne Collision Avoidance System (A

Airspace Management and Change

With increasing numbers of airspace users, the optimised structuring and use of airspace is essential for ensuring efficient and safe operations. QinetiQ has a keen appreciation of the interests and concerns of the disparate stakeholder groups, such as commercial operators, General Aviation, mil

Alerter of Approaching Rocket Munitions (ALARM™)

​ QinetiQ’s ALARM™ is the first radar system specifically designed to minimise casualties by providing sufficient warning of attacks from short-range low trajectory rockets. More difficult to detect than high trajectory rounds, the high velocity of low trajectory rockets also reduces the potent

ASX™ Airborne Communications Electronic Surveillance

Embodying QinetiQ’s high performance signal processing techniques, our ASX series of COMINT/direction finding systems supports all airborne surveillance platforms. The range gives a high probability of intercept in dense signals environments, and enables the rapid extraction of intelligence from dat

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