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Spacecraft Electric Propulsion

​Once a spacecraft is in orbit, electric ion thrusters allow manoeuvres to be performed using much lower quantities of propellant than conventional liquid propulsion. QinetiQ’s gridded ion engine electric propulsion systems extend spacecraft life, enhance payload capability, provide greater operatio

Stealth Design and Optimisation

QinetiQ Maritime supports maritime Stealth Design & Optimisation

Strategy and Procurement Support

QinetiQ works closely with Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to formulate their future strategies and support the full procurement lifecycle. This has notably been demonstrated through work with the Norwegian ANSP, Avinor, helping them determine their future strategy for providing cos

Structural Analysis & Technical Services

QinetiQ Maritime provides structural analysis & technical services

Submarine Propulsion Design

QinetiQ Maritime assesses and support submarine design development & underwater UAVs

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