Cyber Intelligence

A security posture derived from a static ‘point in time’ risk assessment is no longer adequate for an organisation which values its brand.

Targeted and effective cyber security and brand protection strategies depend on top teams receiving regular, actionable intelligence on:

  • who might attack the organisation, their methods and their motivations, and
  • the risks to brand and reputation that come from ‘cyber space’

Cyber Insight™: pinpointing threats and vulnerabilities
An intelligence service delivered by QinetiQ’s expert Advanced Cyber Threat group, Cyber Insight helps a customer understand what information about its organisation, its brand, its systems and infrastructure and its people is readily available to potential attackers.

Cyber Insight analyses and assesses risk levels for:

  • The threat environment
  • Personnel
  • Information leakage
  • Registered domains
  • Cybersquatting
  • The corporate social media footprint

The accurate view this brings the customer of not only the threats to which it is exposed, but also how these relate to its own vulnerabilities, enables it to determine its risk exposure and make informed decisions about mitigation measures or budgetary spend.

QinetiQ Cyveillance®: patrolling the web
Cyveillance continually monitors the entire internet for evidence of security breaches or sentiment that might indicate a threat – ranging from sensitive corporate information that has been inadvertently leaked onto a social networking site, or an online protest group planning an event to embarrass the organisation.

It even sweeps the Dark Web that is around 50 times bigger than the area of the internet accessed by standard search engines.

The ‘early warning’ system provided by Cyveillance gives the customer the cyber intelligence they need to get off the blocks quickly with proactive steps to minimise the damage by, for example:

  • increasing security
  • protecting employees, assets and clients
  • minimising negative press
  • enforcing brand compliance

QinetiQ Cyveillance combines proprietary dedicated technology with leading intelligence analysts to offer the widest portfolio of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) services available in the industry, including a dedicated portal and case management system.

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