Gas Hazardous Operations Support Team (GHOST)

QinetiQ’s GHOST is a 24/7 blue light service that deploys fully-trained teams equipped with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to support fire brigades, the police and other emergency services during hazardous operations.


The service uses modified military robots and remotely controlled industrial plant to assess hazardous situations and provide cylinder and boundary cooling, suppression of fire, thermal imagery and general situational awareness in locations where assessment shows that personnel would be put at an unacceptable level of risk.

QinetiQ’s ROVs are able to carry a variety of sensors, as well as visual and thermal cameras, which detect chemical, biological and nuclear agents.

GHOST enables incident commanders dealing with complex incidents to reduce disruption and hazard to personnel by providing:

  • visual and thermal imagery for situational awareness
  • remote operations/manipulation in the hazard area
  • access to locked containers/buildings
  • assistance with fire-fighting and cooling
  • the administration of standard tests (chemical, radiological)

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Gas Hazardous Operations Support Team (GHOST)

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* Calls cost 10p per minute plus your telephone company's access charge
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Gas Hazardous Operations Support Team (GHOST)