Directed Energy Weapons

We are the European centre of excellence for Laser & RF Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) majoring on low to medium technology readiness level concept development, protection, interoperability and test & evaluation.

Setting up equipment in Reverberation Chamber C

We are a trusted advisor to Government and industry customers who value our impartial consultancy support, testing and evaluation of DEW systems. We have expertise in understanding and mitigating the vulnerability of critical assets. Whether you're a systems manufacturer or owner and operator of assets and infrastructure, we offer through-life support to help you to understand and mitigate vulnerability to threats.

Our services include:

  • System/platform hardening, protection and counter measures
  • Safety, interoperability and collateral effects assessment and mitigation
  • System performance, characterisation and interoperability
  • Test & Evaluation and Training
  • System/platform integration advice
  • Electromagnetics modelling
  • Laser Modelling
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Directed Energy Weapons