Corporate Governance

The Board sees high standards of corporate governance as essential to building value and to the ongoing management of change.

Details of the Board of Directors and their membership of Board committees can be found on the Board of Directors page.

The Board is responsible for overseeing the management of the business of the Group and the Directors’ powers are subject to the Company’s Articles of Association and any applicable legislation and regulation.

The Board operates through a comprehensive set of processes, which define the schedule of matters to be considered by the Board and its Committees during the annual business cycle and the level of delegated authorities (both financial and non-financial).

The Board has established five principal committees: the Audit Committee, the Remuneration Committee, the Nominations Committee, the Risk & CSR Committee and the Security Committee.

Each committee operates within written terms of reference approved by the Board, details of which can be found on the links below:

In addition, the Board has established a Disclosure Committee to deal with the management and release of price-sensitive information. View the Disclosure Committee's Terms of Reference.

QinetiQ Group plc Board Diversity Policy

The Board recognises the benefits of diversity and has adopted a policy which sets out the approach to diversity in respect of the Board of Directors of QinetiQ Group plc. View the full Board Diversity Policy.

QinetiQ Group plc Directors’ Remuneration Policy

The Directors’ Remuneration Policy was approved by shareholders at the 2017 Annual General Meeting. Unless there is a specific requirement to change the policy, it is valid for three years and will therefore be put to a shareholder vote no later than the Annual General Meeting to be held in 2020.

While we received the support of the majority of our shareholders for the Remuneration Plan and the 2017 QinetiQ Incentive Plan at our 2017 AGM, we indicated then that we had more work to do to explain the link between the Remuneration Policy, the 2017 Incentive Plan and our five-year strategy.More Information 

S430(2B) Companies Act 2006 Statement:

Mark Elliott has not and will not receive any loss of office payments, nor will he be paid any further remuneration for his service as a Director of QinetiQ Group plc, other than fees due for his services up to the date he leaves.

Section 172 (1) Statement

We welcome our responsibilities to promote the success of the company in accordance with section 172 of the 2006 Companies Act. Our Section 172 (1) statement can be downloaded here