Our vision is to be: "The chosen partner around the world for mission-critical solutions, innovating for our customers' advantage."


The three pillars of our strategy are interlinked and mutually reinforcing 

Our three part strategy:

  1. Lead and Modernise UK Defence Test & Evaluation.
  2. Build QinetiQ as an international company.
  3. Invest in innovation and apply our core competence for customer advantage in defence and commercial markets.

Our values are the foundation:

  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Performance

Formidable Shield, testing integrated defence capabilities

Typhoon loaded with Brimstone

A Eurofighter Typhoon taking off at Warton Aerodrome. QinetiQ provided the capability assurance required to ensure that the Brimstone 2 missile system could be effectively integrated onto Typhoon, ensuring the timely retirement of Tornado.

Skeldar V-200 flight with extra payload

A UMS Skeldar V-200 coming in for landing. QinetiQ is providing vertical take-off Unmanned Air Systems, based on the UMS Skeldar V-200, to the Canadian Armed Forces to improve Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance.