Investor Overview

QinetiQ is a leading science and engineering company operating primarily in the defence, security and aerospace markets. We work in partnership with our customers to solve real-world problems through innovative solutions, delivering operational and competitive advantage.

QinetiQ Group plc is a global business, listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Based in the UK, it has established home markets in the US and Australia, with a growing footprint in other targeted international markets.

As a people-based business, our service offerings account for the majority of our sales. In addition our products division provides technology-based solutions.

Under the QinetiQ brand we operate numerous businesses across multiple platforms:


EMEA Services

Combines world-leading expertise with unique facilities to provide capability integration and assurance It does this through capability integration, threat representation and operational readiness, underpinned by long-term contracts that provide good revenue visibility and cash flows.

FY18 Annual revenue

FY18 total employees

Air & Space

What we do: De-risk complex aerospace programmes by testing systems and equipment, evaluating the risks and assuring safety.

Revenue: c. £185m.

Key Sites: Farnborough and Boscombe Down, UK.

Maritime, Land & Weapons

What we do: Deliver operational advantage to customers by providing independent research, evaluation and training services.

Revenue: c. £295m.

Key Sites: Farnborough, Boscombe Down, Shoeburyness, Fort Halstead, Hebrides, Aberporth, Pendine, West Freugh, Portsdown Technology Park and Haslar, UK.

Cyber, Information & Training

What we do: Help government and commercial customers respond to evolving threats based on our expertise in training, secure communication networks and devices, intelligence gathering and surveillance sensors, and cyber security.

Revenue: c. £100m.

Key Sites: Farnborough, Malvern and Crewe, UK.


What we do: Deliver our products and services in international markets. The newly acquired RubiKon Group, based in Australia, is reported in the International business.

Revenue: c. £70m.

Key Sites: Australia, Sweden, Canada. Malaysia and Middle East.


Global Products

Delivers innovative solutions and products to meet customer requirements. Undertakes contract-funded research and development, developing intellectual property in partnership with key customers and through internal funding with potential for new revenue streams.

FY18 Annual revenue

FY18 total employees

QinetiQ North America

What we do: Develop and manufacture innovative defence products specialising in unmanned systems, survivability and maritime systems, along with products in related commercial markets.

Revenue: c. £70m.

Key Sites: Waltham, Massachusetts; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Virginia, USA.


What we do: Provide innovative fibre sensing solutions to deliver decision-ready data in multiple vertical markets.

Revenue: c. £25m.

Key Sites: Farnborough, Winfrith, Portishead, UK; Houston, USA; Calgary, Canada and Dubai, UAE.

Space Products

What we do: Provide small satellites, payload instruments, sub-systems and ground station services.

Revenue: c. £20m.

Key Sites: Farnborough, UK and Antwerp, Belgium.

EMEA Products

What we do:Provide research services and bespoke technological solutions developed from intellectual property spun out from EMEA Services. QinetiQ Target Systems is reported in EMEA Products.

Revenue: c. £65m.

Key Sites: Farnborough, Malvern, Haslar, Ashford, UK and Medicine Hat, Canada.