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Results for the year ended 31 March 2018 

  Statutory results Underlying* results
  2018 2017 2018 2017
Revenue £833.0m £783.1m £833.0m £783.1m
Operating profit £141.0m £132.7m £122.5m £116.3m
Profit after tax £138.1m £123.3m £109.0m £103.8m
Earnings per share 24.4p 21.5p 19.3p 18.1p
Full year dividend per share 6.3p 6.0p 6.3p 6.0p
Total funded order backlog £2,005.4m £2.178.7m
Total orders £687.4m1,2 £1,676.7m
Orders excluding LTPA amendments £587.2m2 £675.3m3
Net cash flow from operations
 £132.4m £111.9m £126.5m £111.9m
Net cash £266.8m £221.9m

Includes value associated with work to be performed under the interim LTPA arrangement for twelve months beginning 1 April 2018
2 Includes share of Joint Ventures
FY17 orders included £109m 11-year NCSISS contract and £55m Strategic Enterprise contracts


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