New for this year, we will be hosting our own talks on our stand. Designed to stimulate conversation about important issues in our industry and delivered in a short, sharp, 15-minute talk, to fit into your busy show schedule. We will cover a range of topics, from how to innovate, to what you need to know about electromagnetic attacks, test and evaluation, to the next generation of direct energy weapons. These sessions do not need to be booked, simply turn up to our stand and we’ll show you where to go.

The full schedule can be downloaded here and found below along with a short abstract outlining each talk.

If you are interested in our talks but unable to attend DSEI, fill out the form on the right and we will send you videos of the talks after the event.

Tuesday 10 September - 10:30

Join us to explore how companies with offset liabilities can most effectively dispense these commitments and drive benefits to themselves, the countries owning and administering those debts and the organisation or partnership delivering the solution.

Tuesday 10 September - 11:30

Innovation is a buzz word that is often thrown around, but how do you really innovate for success? Recognising that the idea is a very small part of the process and success can rarely be measured until the end goal is deployed, how do you embrace failure and keep yourself on track and honest you your goals?

Tuesday 10 September - 12:30

Advances in robotics and autonomous systems are beginning to demonstrate the potential of human-machine teams. Realising that potential requires us to look at what lies beneath the surface.

Tuesday 10 September - 13:30

There has been a lot of hype around the benefits of 5G, as well as a lot of media speculation and concerns about its security. With security a key requirement for armed forces and defence suppliers, this talk aims to cut through the hype about 5G. 

Tuesday 10 September - 15:30

If your ship is hit, are you able to stay in the fight? Early design decisions can have massive repercussions on a platform’s signature, stealth profile, vulnerability and ability to recover. Bob Ball tells all.

Wednesday 11 September - 10:30

The next generation battlefield will not be based on platforms fuelled by traditional power-sources. How do we therefore rapidly build capability, leveraging R&D and private sector knowledge, to create appropriate and advanced power-sources to power the future battlefield?

Wednesday 11 September - 11:30

Current approaches to Air T&E are often lengthy, disjointed and not cost effective. By getting the right military and industry people together we are developing a more focused approach to capability acceptance planning and integrating T&E in a proportionate, better targeted and more integrated way.

Wednesday 11 September - 14:30

Science fiction becomes fact, directed energy weapons are being developed by militaries across the world. Why are so many countries developing them? How will they be used? What can we expect to see in the coming decade?

Wednesday 11 September - 15:30

As the mobile phone becomes the world in the palm of our hands, we default to using mobile apps to enhance our every day needs. This rapid-paced growth has a serious impact on security and privacy; blind spots can provide back doors into the business network and open the organisation to serious risk.

Thursday 12 September - 10:30

For Ship Air Integration activities the test and evaluation process has never been more important – or potentially costly. But by harnessing new technology and blending the use of synthetic, simulation and live evaluation techniques, not only can you change the timescales of delivery but you can also drive tremendous benefits including improved safety, improved risk assurance and tangible cost savings.

Thursday 12 September - 11:30

The role of the hero innovator is a myth! It is very rare that an individual can conceive and develop an idea alone, that becomes something widely useable. Rather, an individuals idea may need to be bolstered by some technical capability, operational insight and end-user experience in order to make it totally viable. Find out how QinetiQ is co-creating with customers, like Gatwick Airport, to develop innovative solutions that not only address immediate challenges, but can also become commerically viable to others far and wide. 

Thursday 12 September - 13:30

It is well known that people bring new ideas and insights when they are from a mix of backgrounds and experiences and that is true also for the wider commercial environment. It is important to engage organisations of all sizes - preferred contractors, mid-tiers and SMEs, as well as governmental players in order to bring true idea diversity and unlock potential. Find out how to get started with our award-winning and inclusive team.

Thursday 12 September - 14:30

Prototype Warfare offers a rapid route to achieving truly disruptive capability. QinetiQ’s Land Autonomy team has lived the Prototype Warfare journey for the last 18 months – experiencing the benefits and challenges of matching technology to users’ needs at pace. Here they will share that journey and what the future holds in moving advanced systems from the lab to the deployed environment.

Thursday 12 September - 15:30

Electromagnetic attack doesn’t need the internet or any form of connectivity, so how do you detect that you are being exploited in this way in order to get back on your feet and maintain resilience in your organisation? There is a need to be able to detect this type of cyber threat being passed into law in May 2020 and with countries such are China, Russia and India investing $50 bn in electronic warfare, are you ready to face this emerging threat?