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Aerial Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaisance

We deliver highly dependable and cost-effective Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) services for defence and civilian applications such as border control, policing and environmental protection.

Through modification of the appropriate type of aircraft or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAV) and integration of the right sensors and data capture systems, we can develop a cost-effective solution that is designed to meet your specific mission requirements.

Drawing on our defence sector ISR expertise, we have the capability to configure the full array of advanced communications and surveillance systems including high quality still and video photography, infra-red sensors, heat and movement detection, radar systems and LiDAR. We can also manage the extraction, analysis and relay of data gathered through our ISR operations.

From specification of ISR systems to management of operations, we can deliver ISR as an end-to-end service, providing actionable information to our customers at the point of need.

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