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Target Systems and Threat Representation

The effectiveness of military operations at the front line is based on the Armed Services having the right equipment and having effectively trained against realistic threats.

To achieve this, military equipment needs to be rigorously tested and integrated with the war fighter, and comprehensive training conducted prior to entering the theatre of operations. Only fully trained service personnel, together with fully tested equipment, can provide effective fighting capability.

A significant component of this capability to deliver effective war fighting is the provision of threat emulation services as a platform for missile testing and as a key enabler for training.

QinetiQ Target Systems

QinetiQ is a world leader in the design, development, manufacture and operation of advanced target systems for live-fire training exercises and weapons test and evaluation.

We offer an end-to-end solution and work closely with our customers from design and configuration through to delivery and provision of expert field services. We also operate unmanned vehicle systems, ensuring safe and dependable performance critical to live-fire exercises and test and evaluation events.

Our comprehensive range of air, land and sea target systems provide realistic representation of modern threats, from swarming fast inshore attack craft to manoeuvrable supersonic missiles.

Highly versatile in their design and performance and with a wide range of payloads, our target systems can be easily adapted to represent a multitude of different threat scenarios. Through intelligent engineering, recoverability and reuse, our target systems are also highly cost-effective.

Find out more on the QinetiQ Target Systems website.

Aerial Target Services (ATS)

We have been providing Aerial Target Services as part of this end-to end training for over 50 years at various locations around the world. Whether air defence firing, air-to-air/surface to air engagement, QinetiQ has the experience to ensure successful target engagements. QinetiQ’s deployable and ready to use Aerial Target Service can be provided to customers as either a single/multiple campaign or on a longer term Service delivery basis meeting requirements for land, sea or air. We will provide a target to most accurately meet your threat profiles whilst ensuring activities are delivered reliably in a safe and controlled environment. Test and Evaluation Complex weapons trials also require exacting threat emulation for each stage of the development lifecycle. QinetiQ regularly supports missile programmes to ensure development costs are kept to a minimum and system performance data is captured. With our wide experience across weapons research and development, and associated expertise, we can offer unique capabilities that complement your weapons programmes.

QinetiQ owns and operates a range of Aerial Targets for both customers worldwide, delivering a Service on either a campaign or ongoing basis. This eliminates the cost of ownership and any risk, as well as guaranteeing that customers receive top-quality performance.

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