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Data loss within the financial services industry can lead to irreparable reputational damage, and can send shock waves through the entire financial services industry. Failure to comply with regulations set by the FCA and PRU (formerly FSA) in the UK, SEC and FINRA in the US can incur financial penalties, making the control of data in the heavily-regulated financial services industry critical.

The data classification solutions delivered by our subsidiary company, Boldon James, help organisations proactively manage and protect sensitive information, ensuring it goes to the right people in a safe, controlled and efficient way.


  • Increasing user and organisational awareness of the value and sensitivity of data
  • Empowering users to take ownership and control of data
  • Educating users on, and supports adherence to, corporate governance and data security policies
  • Helping organisations comply with industry compliance and regulations
  • Streamlining business processes – increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reducing cost of management, archiving and storage of data
  • Preventing internal and external data leakage – reducing reputational and business risk

For more information, visit the Boldon James website.

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