How real are EM Hazards and Threats?


Electromagnetic (EM) disruption is the fastest growing threat to cyber-physical systems globally.


The threat of EM disruption should be viewed in parallel to existing disruptive physical and cyber threats. The impact to a business of EM disruption is immensely far reaching affecting commercial, operational, reputational and regulatory functions.


The hazards posed by naturally caused EM disruption are well known and documented. Natural hazards can be considered to include; the radiated EM environment produced by lightning; geomagnetic disturbances (GMD) and even electro-static discharge (ESD).


In recent times, perhaps over the last 50 years, humans have created the ability to achieve EM disruption. Nuclear weapons detonated above the Earth are capable of producing EM disruption on an unprecedented geographical scale. The ability to generate EM disruption in a non-nuclear environment is now highly sophisticated and with low price points and little technical prowess, accessible to many. Non-nuclear EM disruption has a smaller effective range but can still reach into an infrastructure asset from outside the perimeter and cause devastating consequences.


Our world class experts have tracked, and continue to follow, developments in EM disruptive hazards and threats and continually assess the ability of these to exploit vulnerabilities in a range of important infrastructure systems, building this intelligence into our unique solutions. 


The EM disruptive threat/hazard is prioritised to verticals operating critical infrastructures and digital services such as energy, communications, transport, utilities, finance, datacentres.