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Flight Physiological Centre

The Flight Physiological Centre in Linköping is managed and operated by QinetiQ Sweden AB on behalf of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). We offer a self-contained centre providing world-class training, research, and test and evaluation facilities.

Part of the aviation training, testing and research establishment located at Malmen, southern Sweden, the Centre provides facilities including:

  • Dynamic Flight Simulator (that combines a Human Centrifuge and Flight Simulator)
  • Hypobaric Decompression Chamber
  • Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Test and Survival Pool

Features include:

  • The Dynamic Flight Simulator has an active gondola and is used for G-force familiarisation for aircrew along with the Test and Evaluation of equipment and medical research. It is capable of replicating G conditions of next-generation fighters up to a maximum 15G with an onset rate up to 10g.s-1
  • The chambers are suitable for equipment testing and training of both military and civilian personnel, with a maximum altitude of over 35,000m
  • The pool can recreate adverse weather conditions and is used for survival training and equipment testing with a depth of 3.6m and a volume of 48m3. The environment is fully controlled; water temperature is controllable between 4-40 C and environmental effects can be generated (including waves, strong winds, heavy rain and lightning) to fully simulate the challenging conditions that occur during sea survival and rescue
  • Additional facilities include a range of briefing, treatment and changing rooms, restaurant, plus state-of-the-art data and recording equipment

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