The ETPS training programme combines training in technical and analytical skills with developing a high-level practical understanding of aircraft and their systems.

Our courses are designed to build experience quickly – providing the combination of theory and hands-on familiarity that flight test professionals need.

Classroom learning and group discussions are coupled with exercises structured to replicate real-world test programmes, enabling students to put what they learn into practice.

Close collaborations with expert organisations and test centres around the world enable us to provide an exceptionally rich learning experience that gives students an insight into numerous working methods and environments, both military and civilian.


Learn in the air – Flying classrooms

Test pilots and engineers gain direct experience with many types of military and civil aircraft, across the full spectrum of performance. These include the Pilatus PC-21, Grob G120TP, Avro RJ, A109, Airbus H125 and – uniquely for a flight test school – a SAAB Gripen fourth generation fighter aircraft. Students also have access to a custom-built flight simulator.

All primary delivery platforms at ETPS have a fully bespoke Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) suite specially developed to support learning. This highly versatile system can grow to accommodate the latest learning techniques and stay representative of modern FTI systems employed in flight test programmes. Through a live telemetry feed to the ground station, the system also provides detailed data that can be used in our classroom analysis software, GDAS (Graphical Data Analysis Software), which was custom-designed by QinetiQ.

The Avro RJ70 Flying Classroom allows us to train entire classes from the air, with live readouts of flight for engineers and pilots from a fully bespoke FTI suite with both in-cockpit and in-cabin operation.


Learn on the ground – T&E Synthetics

Synthetics and simulation are a near essential element to any modern test & evaluation programme and ETPS continues to develop and deliver cutting edge capabilities specifically designed to provide flight test training.

ETPS utilises a broad range of synthetics and simulators across the globe to deliver our courses with everything from desktop simulators supporting familiarisation activities, through task specific exercise synthetics, all the way up to state of the art flying simulators allowing a single aircraft to represent a vast array of platform types. 

The synthetic capabilities employed by ETPS provide a tailored approach to simulation that allows us to maximise understanding of learning outcomes. Our method provides greater training efficiency to reduce the time required to reach full comprehension of techniques.


Learn from the best – Unparalleled experience

Instructors are the most important element to the success of any school and at ETPS we have a diverse and highly experienced team of test pilots, flight test engineers, and academics with a Millenia of combined experience in the field to draw upon when developing and delivering courses.

Amongst our flight test instructors, you will find world-renowned experts in their respective fields from across both military organisations and civil industry who are frequently called upon to advise upon and deliver the latest flight test programmes. Through our instructor’s deep domain knowledge of both the theory and practical application of flight test they have written the book on test & evaluation and can bring their unique knowledge to bear in the classroom.

Passing on the knowledge, best practice, and lessons learnt to the next generation is a point of pride for our instructors and by attending ETPS our students gain a unique insight into the world of flight test & evaluation.


Learn in the cloud – Bespoke solutions

The ETPS Learning Management System (LMS) is the only system of its kind in the world, and enables a truly modern and adaptive learning environment with a full suite of interactivity tools.

Based on industry leading software and extensively customised by QinetiQ to meet the bespoke needs of ETPS, the system provides students with the means to work collaboratively with one another and their syndicate tutors. The LMS allows us to offer distance learning opportunities for our students, and features Panopto, a bespoke video platform in line with those used by the world’s leading universities, which provides transcription and feedback mechanisms to optimise learning.

Empowering students to learn in a style that best suites the modern professional via a fully integrated, modular learning environment. Through the LMS, we can minimise the time required away from regular duties to optimise learning efficiency.

To learn more about how ETPS can deliver to your flight test professionals, please contact us.

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