Secure Communications and Networks

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Our capability in complex communications and information infrastructure solutions is second to none. We have core knowledge that comes with an exceptional heritage and expertise based on industry-leading research and because we are entirely independent of industry suppliers, we are able to offer total impartiality and a uniquely comprehensive support service.

Our capability covers Specialist Technical Advice to a range of Infrastructure Support Services (including test, reference and experimentation, technical assessment and modelling services) and extends to the delivery of complete bespoke capability, for example communications systems for land and air platforms, including UAVs.

  • We can provide full system design, integration, test and support of new communications systems and information infrastructure
  • We are able to test existing systems and infrastructure, and manage the risk of integrating new technologies, including wide expertise in advising on cost-effective upgrades to legacy systems
  • We can test your existing network (up to national level) to identify weaknesses and to design, develop and integrate secure solutions
  • We research, develop, implement and evaluate information security systems for all levels of national and international security, including government and commercial organisations
  • We can help with every aspect of satellite communications, from design and manufacture support through to a complete launch and in-orbit support service
  • We also provide a full range of support on RF propagation and the management, exploitation and use of the RF spectrum

The customers we support include:

  • The UK MOD on its Skynet family of military satellites that provide strategic communications to the British Armed Forces and NATO
  • European Space Agency for the Galileo system’s cyber protection for Europe’s global satellite navigation system
  • The UK MOD on military radio and trunk network radio systems
  • Maritime Awareness on creating specialist communications applications for maritime platforms
  • Optimisation of complex communications and information infrastructures
  • UK Government on Software Defined Radio
  • UK and international defence industry on supplying bespoke communications applications and services



We provide and protect networks through the design and implementation of secure communications and information systems for fixed, deployed and rapidly changing distributed applications.

We are experts in the evaluation, design, integration and test of secure communications systems for challenging civil and military air, land, unmanned air systems environments.

Our capability is based upon deep knowledge and experience of ISR systems, communications and information infrastructure.

We lead and deliver cutting edge research, and also provide test, characterisation and modelling through our custom built test and characterisation facilities including the GII Concept Technology Demonstrator and our Above Secret Integration Rig.

As a result, we are able to design, integrate and build bespoke specialist capability, such as TYNDALE, a secure mobile communications and C2 system for incident response.