Human Performance

Every cyber security system involves the interaction of technology, processes, and the people responsible for using or managing them.

If organisations do not understand how these three elements interact, they can inadvertently render a system vulnerable to attack and exploitation. 

QinetiQ enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of security systems by addressing the human performance issues within them. This targets vulnerabilities that costly investments in technology often fail to address.

Our consultants work to understand the role human behaviour plays in a customer’s security system, how it interacts with technology and process, and where the shortfalls lie. They then recommend and implement measures to rectify them – for instance, through training to change unhelpful behaviours, or by redesigning processes.

QinetiQ’s human performance consultancy enables customers to:

  • significantly enhance the processing capacity of their security systems – reducing delays, and allowing expansion without unnecessary additional security costs
  • quantify the impact of training interventions or changes in process or technology on overall system performance – so constrained budgets can be focused where they will deliver measurable improvements
  • build and maintain internal cultures that understand the value and intent of security and support the maintenance of secure and resilient work environments.

Our team of human performance specialists includes business process modellers, psychologists, designers and security specialists. We work for a range of government and commercial clients including the Home Office, MOD, Department for Transport, airports and international transport bodies.


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