EDP is supported by a strong provider network of small and medium enterprise providers to tap into the best expertise in the UK.

About the Provider Network

We have 123 companies signed to our EDP Provider Network with the capability and capacity to sustain MOD in-scope requirements.

Of the 123 companies, 82% are SMEs and we have rolled out an SME friendly strategy which has included open, inclusive advertisement to join the Provider Network including the use of Defence Contract Online, the use of a webinar to inform potential providers, a common e-sourcing tool and procurement processes across the Partnership and SME friendly terms and conditions, including removal of unlimited liabilities and consequential losses.

Advisory Group

The Provider Network Advisory Group has been established with representatives for the following categories:

– Micro Provider (Quorum)

– Small Provider (Red Scientific)

– Medium Provider (CDS)

– Large Provider (Frazer-Nash).

The Advisory Group also includes industry bodies ADS, Tech UK and Team Defence.

Building the Provider Network

The Aurora Provider Network was established through a rigorous tender process which included the following four stages: 

Stage 1: Expressions of Interest (EOI) utilising Defence Contracts Online/Defence Contracts Bulletin (the MOD advertising portal), social media, and via direct broadcast to organisations in the existing supply chains and through trade bodies (including ADS and Tech UK). 

Stage 2: Aurora Engineering Partnership created a webinar to enable industry to judge whether participation in the PQQ process would be worthwhile based on their own organisations’ capability and interests.

Stage 3: Those individuals that viewed the webinar and who wished to proceed with a pre-qualification submission were invited to register on CurtisFitch, an e-sourcing software suite customised for the Aurora Engineering Partnership.

Stage 4: Pre-qualification assessment process evaluated both Technical and Commercial aspects of each pre-qualification submission.

Approved Providers are invited to compete for work under the Aurora Engineering Partnership in line with their approved category codes. 

Sustaining the Provider Network

The Aurora Engineering Partnership manages access to the Provider Network on a two year cycle providing an environment for approved suppliers to win work. Following the two year cycle, Aurora will refresh the network through a managed EOI/ PQQ process. In certain circumstances Aurora may invite additional Providers into the network e.g. where we have been directed to use a specific Provider by the Authority or a unique capability is required which is not already available in the Provider Network.