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Advisory Services

Wind Farm Impact Assessment

Whether you are a landowner, developer, manufacturer, designer or authority, QinetiQ’s wind farm services and technical solutions address the principal challenges facing stakeholders in this complex environment.

From the early planning stages of wind farm development through to detailed technical and operational assessments, we provide support to enable successful implementation.

Using advanced radar modelling tools, we can accurately assess the impact of proposed sites on civil and military surveillance systems, including primary and secondary radar. Our operational experts, including former air traffic controllers, can provide detailed assessments of the impact of a proposed site on aviation activity in the vicinity. This promotes early, informed and successful engagement with operators and authorities alike. Our advanced modelling tools also support assessments of other sensory systems, such as:

  • Airport navigation aids
  • Meteorological radars
  • Shipping radars
  • Communications systems

Our certified independent service provides accurate analyses to any stakeholder at any stage of the process. This impartiality ensures that problems and mitigation opportunities are identified quickly to reduce cost and avoid delay.

We are also applying advanced technologies to develop intelligent solutions for the wind-energy industry, including stealth turbines that reduce the amount of radar energy reflected back to a radar.

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CLOUDSiS Methodology

Large structures such as wind turbines can cause problems for radar systems. Typical problems include echoes from wind turbines appearing on radar displays, data interference and signal blockage.

Objections from radar stakeholders can block the progress of wind farm developments and can result in developers and stakeholders losing time and money on costly planning inquiries.

To solve this key issue, QinetiQ has developed a unique method, CLOUDSiS 1.0, for modelling the impacts of wind farm projects on Météo-France radars. CLOUDSiS 1.0 has been successfully validated by the French Government through consultation with Météo-France, and it is the first method to achieve official recognition in France.

The QinetiQ team uses its CLOUDSiS 1.0 system to assess the impacts of wind farms on French weather radars, and compare the results with the French legislation.

Pre Planning Assessment

The QinetiQ pre-planning assessment (PPA) service has been designed to provide a quick and effective method of gaining valuable insight into the potential effects that a proposed wind farm may have on radar and aviation services in a given area. This service helps to understand the issues before or after planning applications are made, bringing greater clarity regarding whether it is viable to proceed with a given application, thus, saving time and money.

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