Cargo Handling Robots & Mules

In the face of ever-increasing operational logistics, commanders need flexible cargo handling systems and ‘mules’ that can support their missions and reduce the burden on troops.

QinetiQ has developed the following to support these missions:

  • The Robotic Appliqué Kit
Raider II

Cargo Handling: Raider II

Designed in partnership with Polaris Defense, the Raider II optionally manned cargo robot was developed to lighten the combat loads of dismounted forces through the use of a robotic ‘mule’.

Raider II has semi-autonomous navigational capabilities that allow the soldier to command the robot to follow the small unit, or to move to another location and return with fresh supplies.

With the ability to transport up to two litter patients, Raider II can be driven by a soldier at a moment’s notice. Its exceptional optics and two-way communications can be used to enhance the security of the small unit.


Robotic applique

Cargo Handling: Robotic Appliqué Kit

Our Robotic Appliqué Kit temporarily transforms a Selectable Joystick Controlled (SJC) Bobcat loader into a remotely operated Spartacus robot, capable of using more than 80 Bobcat-approved attachments.

The loader can be sent down-range to handle large, deeply buried IEDs, vehicle-borne IEDs or land mines and unexploded ordnance.

Spartacus systems can support the movement of heavy cargo loads, including lifting and moving heavy pallets and other loads, and even lifting and removing to safe locations full automobiles.

The controller kit can be installed in around 15 minutes. It works on more than 16,000 SJC Bobcat loaders across multiple different models produced since 2001 and sold worldwide.

For more information, visit the QinetiQ North America website.