Security Robots

Supporting security operations in today’s ever-changing threat environment remains a key challenge for commanders. The specialist police and security teams that deal with organised crime, hostage and terrorist threats need unmanned systems that keep operators out of danger.

Advances in technology have meant that the practice of protecting critical national infrastructure – power stations and borders, for example – using remote patrols is also gaining traction.

QinetiQ’s scalable range of security robots provides complete solutions. They include:

  • The operationally-proven TALON SWAT
  • Dragon Runner 10
  • Our innovative MAARS robot
MAARS robot

Security: MAARS

Developed in partnership with the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps, the Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) is a modular system that is used chiefly to enhance the security of fixed sites, but can also be re-configured for primarily reconnaissance operations.

MAARS has the ability to see and hear in all climatic conditions, as well as the mobility to move into key terrain to improve observation and area coverage.

The system is controlled entirely by its operator, who can apply through MAARS increasing levels of force, from talking to people, to non-lethal tools or less-than-lethal munitions, up to lethal munitions based upon the Rules of Engagement.

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