Electric Propulsion

Our range of Electric Propulsion engines are robust, low cost and high powered systems designed for commercial and scientific applications.

Our electric propulsion systems can be used for a range of missions:

  • Earth observation
  • Interplanetary science
  • Communications and navigation


A robust and highly versatile EP system for ultra-precise orbit perturbation compensation.

Thrust Range 0.6 to 21 mN
Cycle Life > 8.5 x 103 On/Off cycles
Mass 2.4 kg (excl. alignment bracket)
Dimensions 190 mm Ø x 200 mm long
Total Impulse > 3 MNs @ 20 mN, 3000 s


The T6 based electric propulsion system is designed to provide extremely efficient station keeping, orbit topping, end of life de-orbit manoeuvres and primary propulsion.

Thrust Range 30 mN to 230 mN
Cycle Life > 8.5 x 103 On/Off cycles
Mass 8.3 kg (excluding harness)
Dimensions 300 mm Ø x 260 mm long
Total Impulse > 13 MNs @ 200 mN, 4400 s


Electric propulsion