We also manage, on behalf of the UK MOD, a wide range of testing facilities and ranges; some examples include:

  • 1,500m test track at Pendine in Wales (the longest in Europe) was recently used to test small missile-like probes that will allow scientific measurements to be taken from the far side of the Moon for the first time.
  • UK air ranges, including Hebrides (the UK’s largest) and Aberporth in Wales, we have the ability to test, evaluate and assure every type of weapon system and air platform, including helicopters, UAVs, fast jets and heavy aircraft.
  • Ship Integration Facility – a land-based site that exactly replicates the operation rooms of Royal Navy ships for training and equipment testing – is 20-30 times less expensive than using a real ship.
  • We can shock test ship and submarine structures at the Rosyth facility in Scotland with forces equivalent to a Force 10 storm.
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