Risk Management

QinetiQ understands that corporate governance through effective risk management is integral to every facet of your business. Risk management isn't set and forget. Managing risk requires constant review.

Effective risk management must capture consistent data, and deliver an organisation-wide overview of risk exposure. Consider the following:

  • Do you know what your emerging risks and issues are?
  • Are you confident that you know your organisation's risk exposure?
  • Does your organisation have its members travelling overseas. Do you maintain international offices with staff based offshore?

Waiting for the annual risk review might be too late. Security threats are evolving fast. Workplace safety issues escalate with frightening speed to become critical incidents whilst fraud can be undetected for months with some notable cases being undetected for several years.

Identifying, assessing and mitigating risk provides you with the assurance required to effectively manage your organisation. Whether it be in project management, system design, product engineering, security, fraud, safety or information technology, QinetiQ has highly qualified and skilled risk management practitioners who can develop your enterprise risk management framework, policy, plans and procedures.

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