Products & Tools

Many of our global products are directly applicable to the Canadian market. These range from our drone detection systems and electronic surveillance, designed with safety and security in mind, to software tools for designing and developing vessels or helping with cost estimation.

ASX - Airborne Communications Electronic Surveillance

Airborne Communications Electronic Surveillance

Protecting assets, borders and people with affordable airborne surveillance, ASX™ airborne sensors detect, collect and locate communications signals from radio, satellite phones or GSM to protect assets, borders and people with affordable airborne surveillance.

Automated Drone Detection System

OBSIDIAN, our counter drone technology, is specifically designed to detect, identify and track small/micro drones.

Bracer secure communications device being held by a soldier

End-to-End Encrypted Satellite Communication

Powered by Iridium satellite technology, our push-to-talk device, Bracer, sets the standard in secure commercial satellite communication.

Business analysis modelling

Family of Cost Estimating Tools

Our business analysis services help customers to make decisions on issues ranging from directing organisational change, option analysis and selection, through to high-level strategic policy issues.

Foreign Object Debris Radar

The first runway hazard management system with fully automatic Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection capabilities, Tarsier is designed specifically to locate potentially hazardous debris on airport runways, bringing a new level of safety to airports across the globe.

Passive Stand-off Concealed Threat Detection

Our threat detection technology, SPO-NX, locates a range of potential threats concealed under clothing on the human body, such as improvised explosive devices (IED), large assault weapons and contraband.

QinetiQ ALST target

Target Systems

QinetiQ Target Systems offers a wide variety of unique and highly advanced training products and services to improve the skills of military, law enforcement and security personnel.

Vessel Design & Development Software Tool

Paramarine® is a fully integrated Naval Architecture tool, where all design and analysis work takes place within one common graphical user interface, eliminating the need for data exports to other packages.