Foreign Object Debris Radar

The first runway hazard management system with fully automatic Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection capabilities, Tarsier is designed specifically to locate potentially hazardous debris on airport runways, bringing a new level of safety to airports across the globe.

Damage caused by FOD on airport runways costs the global aviation industry an estimated US $12 billion. An item as small as a bolt, or even a clamshell dropped by a bird, can cause serious damage to aircraft and pose a safety risk.

Tarsier FOD radar detection system continually sweeps the runway and, when FOD is detected, the high resolution radar triggers an alarm in the operations centre where the user display highlights the object’s location.

Tarsier’s radar detection is complemented by the system’s day and night camera. When FOD has been located, the high-zoom camera pans in and sends a live image for visual confirmation, together with the object’s GPS coordinates, enabling accurate object retrieval within minutes.

Tarsier is in service at international commercial airports across the globe from Dubai to Doha, Vancouver to London.