Passive Stand-off Concealed Threat Detection

SPO-NX is a stand-off concealed threat detection system, which is suitable for mass transit, major events and similar security markets.

SPO-NX locates a range of potential threats concealed under clothing on the human body, for example improvised explosive devices, large assault weapons and contraband. It uses advanced passive millimetre wave (PMMW) technology and is therefore safe, with no RF emission, and because no detailed image of the person is created, there are no privacy issues.

Used as part of a layered security approach, SPO-NX is particularly applicable to crowded locations where there is a high throughput of people and where airport-style security combs are impractical or undesirable. 

The benefits of using SPO-NX include:

  • Detection of concealed threat objects under people’s clothing
  • Can be used at the external security perimeter
  • Outdoor screening allow potential threats to be detected at distance from the core secure area
  • Maintains throughput of people in crowded environments
  • Used as part of a layered security architecture
  • No privacy issues – only standard video imagery is displayed
  • Utilizes safe passive screening technology