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Case Study: Independent Technical Audit for Vessel Procurement


Specialist engineers validate significant investment in customer’s future fleet

Offshore rig

We provided our customer, Diamond Offshore, with an independent technical audit covering, amongst other elements:

  • Programme Management
  • Safety
  • Naval Architecture
  • Reliability
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Identifying areas of project risk
The brief

Diamond Offshore is evaluating an investment in a new fleet of ships for deep-water drilling operations and oil exploration work. The company had identified a solution that used a number of new and novel technologies and, at a time when oil prices are low, such a large investment requires significant due diligence. The manufacturer’s claims could not be substantiated without further investigation and analysis. As a consequence, Diamond Offshore sought a third party to provide an independent view on the claims.

Our solution

Our team of specialist safety engineers offered to perform an independent audit of Diamond Offshore’s preferred solution in order to fully assess compliance in the following areas:

  • Will it meet the required level of reliability?
  • Is the supplier/manufacturer capable of delivering?

We proposed an audit schedule consisting of a series of site visits, reviews of project and technical documentation, and prepared materials for us to use in future presentations of our findings to the board and key stakeholders.

Outcomes and benefits

Our team was able to look objectively at the problem – free from any oil and gas industry preconceptions – to assess the merits of the technical solution on offer. Our long-standing reputation for high quality independent test and evaluation gave our customer confidence in our advice.

Working across multiple disciplines, we were able to provide Diamond Offshore with the reassurance it sought to continue with procurement of the ship that will be the most efficient, and enable them to save time and money in the oil exploration process. Approval by class society has since been achieved, and procurement is being considered.

The new drill ship has been designed to increase drilling rates and should realise an average saving of 16.5 days in a 100-day drilling project. The increased level of autonomy in the new design has also enhanced safety of personnel on the drill floor at sea, reducing the residual level of risk.

We prepared materials to use in future presentations to their board of Diamond Offshore and key stakeholders for sound judgement to be made regarding their investment decision.

With our support, Diamond Offshore is able to consider investing confidently in the future of its oil exploration fleet and maintain its competitive advantage.

"Thanks again for the extremely professional and diligent work undertaken by your team, and the high quality output received."

- Phil Marsh, Key Account Manager