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Supporting the commissioning of HMS Queen Elizabeth


Richard Powell

Today, the commissioning of HMS Queen Elizabeth will take place in Portsmouth, marking its official acceptance into service with the UK Royal Navy.

Queen Elizabeth carrier

We have been closely involved in this incredible enterprise from the early stages and are proud of our important role in this remarkable project.

The carrier represents a step change in operational capability for the UK Royal Navy and restores the United Kingdom as a nation who operates large aircraft carriers. We’ve been at the heart of the technical evaluation and development of this truly world class and highly innovative capability, with the commissioning a culmination of years of planning and harnessing expertise from across the organisation.

We provided expert advice and complex testing of the multiple aircraft carrier designs.

This included:

  • ship vulnerability assessments
  • reports on survivability factors
  • investigating power and propulsion considerations

In the air environment, we were involved in:

  • the assessment of aircraft performance
  • the development of innovative landing aids to assist in the recovery of the F35B Lightning II aircraft to the ship
  • work to enhance sortie generation rates
  • improving the effectiveness of aircraft deck operations

All of these were critical in maximising the potential of the highly innovative design of the vessel.

We will continue to play an important role over the forthcoming fifty years of service, ensuring the UK carrier strike capability remains at the cutting edge of operational effectiveness.

For more information, contact Richard Powell, Senior Campaign Manager - Carrier Enabled Power Projection.

Queen Elizabeth carrier