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How secure do you think you are?

Cyber attacks. Data theft. Inappropriate use. System failure. Unauthorised access. The world’s data and the systems that hold it face these threats every day, so an attack on your organisation or your supply chain is inevitable.

All organisations are different, with varying cyber security priorities. However the challenges that they face are the same. The evolution of new technology brings with it a plethora of new threats, all of which can create weaknesses in your cyber security posture.

On top of this, every organisation that has responsibility for using personal data must comply with the rules governing data protection. These stringent requirements reflect the exponential growth in the volume of data being processed in the digital age. 

With this pace of change, are you ready to defend, detect, fix and recover from a cyber attack? Take our Cyber Security Readiness Survey to find out.

Cyber Security Readiness Survey

Who's observing your cyber security?

Designed by our expert cyber security team, our interactive 20 question survey will assess the readiness of your operations to defend, detect, fix and recover from a cyber attack.

Take the survey
SOC survey - is your data in safe hands

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Managed Security Services

Our Security Monitoring and Threat Hunting Service delivers around-the-clock log collection, alert monitoring, orchestration of events, incident management, threat hunting and analyst investigation activities.

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It is vital for any organisation to understand the very real and constantly evolving threats to the integrity of all areas of its central and remote digital infrastructure as increasingly capable, astute and evasive cyber criminals will be quick to exploit any weaknesses.

From under one roof up to the cloud – matching SOCs to the tasks afoot

There are also various options available to help ensure the functions, remit and composition of a SOC are tailored to meet the specific strategic objectives and risk appetite of an organisation.

Threat Hunting: Applying offensive tactics to improve your defensive security

Awareness of threats and understanding the mindset and motivation of cyber criminals provide the key to SOC success explains Alex Chard, the Operations Lead at QinetiQ Enterprise Cyber.