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Test & Evaluation Capabilities

Providing assured, cost-effective Test & Evaluation capability

We bring together a rare combination of skills, products, assets and facilities to provide customers with realistic live and synthetic environments in which to Test & Evaluate their Defence Capability. Covering range development and operation, provision of representative threats, trials design, trials delivery and data evaluation, we bring unparalleled understanding and expertise to the generation and assurance of Defence Capability.

We operate a broad range of Test & Evaluation capabilities across air, land, sea and information, including ranges, ground facilities and chambers. Each of these facilities are fully instrumented enabling high quality data to be captured, ensuring the test performed can be properly assessed and understood. A range of modelling and simulation tools compliment the physical test capabilities, enabling cost effective evaluation to be undertaken.

Target Systems and Services
Through realistic threat emulation, we enable customers to test within a safe environment. Our offerings comprise cost-effective unmanned air and maritime targets and associated managed services. QinetiQ Target Systems is a world-leading provider of unmanned air, land and surface vehicle targets for live-fire Test & Evaluation and training. In support of customer requirements, QinetiQ also provides systems-agnostic target solutions and managed services that draw on the best available technology. Our 20-year contract with the UK Ministry of Defence for a Combined Aerial Target Service (CATS) includes tri-service delivery of four different aerial target systems, operating out of three main bases in the UK and deploying worldwide (including High Seas Firings).

With technology advancing at a rapid pace and digital disruption more prevalent than ever, Test & Evaluation must evolve and continuously adapt to remain relevant. We encourage an agile collaborative approach to experimentation and innovation to ensure Defence Capability remains effective and adaptable. As new technologies emerge such as artificial intelligence and robotics, early and frequent experimentation is critical to keep pace with innovation and exploit it for operational and cost advantage.

Security underpins the operation of all Test & Evaluation services. It is key to protecting national and commercial interests, to maintaining the integrity of data, and to ensuring safe and sanitised environments to conduct military exercises and tests. We provide fixed networked ranges and deployable instrumentation that enables segregation of land, sea and air space, and protects against intrusion or data loss. Data taken from instrumentation, or generated through modelling and simulation, has to be extracted, processed and reported securely, and kept safe from cyber-attack or corruption, as does the operation of safety critical range infrastructure.

Innovation in test techniques and design is required to keep pace with the rapid rate of change in military technology and operations. We are embracing the integration of live and synthetic environments and the secure networking of associated data between multiple venues. This opens up new possibilities for all aspects of Test & Evaluation, from sub-system integration testing through to multinational mission assurance exercises. Use of virtual and constructive simulations also allows personnel to test and train with scarce or high value assets.

The effective operation of Test & Evaluation capabilities is reliant on having the right mix of skills, from project managers to scientists to military personnel with recent front-line experience. We have a strong focus on developing experienced and innovative trials personnel empowered to drive safe, secure Range operation. Our rich scientific defence capability also allows us to work with our customers to define and develop the right Test and Evaluation events to provide key evidence in a cost-effective manner.

Business Modelling and Cost Management
Intelligent business modelling and cost management drive efficiency. In the UK, we have applied commercial best practice to reduce through-life costs of our operation of Test & Evaluation by 20%, whilst also investing in new capabilities. Active coordination with users, scheduling the most efficient use of Ranges and running concurrent trials all help to optimise the use of the facilities, which in turn help to improve access time and cut operational costs. Business modelling is also used to help manage capacity and identify opportunities to commercially exploit underutilised assets.

Commercialisation and Efficiency
A market oriented approach enables the commercial exploitation of spare capacity on Ranges, providing additional revenue streams that help offset running costs and fund future investment. We can help identify and exploit commercial opportunities by opening up the use of facilities to allied forces and industry.

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