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Battery technology is advancing rapidly, and new challenges constantly arise. Through our technology and expertise, we are leading the power revolution to ensure our customers have the commercial advantage. With more than 25 years’ experience of delivering through-life battery technology services and solutions, we are a valued and trusted independent advisor.

We offer leading expert advice and services, such as Test and Evaluation, and innovative technology-based products. Operating in a highly secure workplace, our position in the forefront of the power revolution is enhanced by our many commercial, defence and academic networks, including collaboration with organisations such as Johnson Matthey, Fraunhofer Institute, DLR (Germany), Centrosolar, and SINTEF.

We offer a wide range of battery technologies including:

  • CFx Battery - A technology where the light weight and highly reactive lithium metal is combined with a light weight carbon monofluoride (CFx) cathode in order to power various portable appliances e.g. radios, navigation equipment required in prolonged missions.
  • Flexible Battery - A thin, flexible lithium ion cell. The cell is approximately 0.5mm thick and can be made in a variety of sizes. It can additionally be embedded into objects, e.g. composite panels and it offers full Li-ion performance, albeit at reduced specific energy owing to its form factor.
  • High G Battery Pack - A battery pack to survive high G impacts such as in projectiles and space exploration.
  • High Temperature Battery - A rechargeable battery for downhole use in oil/gas fields where operation at elevated temperature is required. Operates at 125°C and can withstand in excess of 150°C, where a typical secondary system is limited to 60°C.

Our solutions

As the world evolves towards the power revolution, QinetiQ is at the forefront of innovation, pushing boundaries and exploring exciting areas across the entire batteries spectrum. We offer solutions to our customers across four key areas:

  • Battery supply
  • Technical consultancy
  • Research and development
  • Test and evaluation

Battery supply

Collaborating across industries globally, and through a number of specialist partnerships with chosen suppliers, QinetiQ offers a broad spectrum of battery products. These range from coin cells all the way to large lead acid batteries. To accompany these, we have associated items to suit customer needs, including chargers and solar cell modules.

Through our partnerships we can provide additional solutions to meet customers’ specialist requirements, such as bespoke lithium ion battery packs from 5 to 150 kWh, and a number of specialist military products. Expert advice from our technical consultants is available to ensure any bespoke solution meets customer needs.

Technical consultancy

We offer a wide range of services, globally, from advising on the best power source for a specific application or environment, through to investigating causes of failure and providing marketing analysis. In this fast-paced world, our technical consultants work with enterprise and agility to ensure our knowledge is cutting edge and constantly pushing forward.

Decades of experience with security across both commercial and military markets, combined with our extensive controls and firewall processes, makes us an independent and trusted partner our customers can rely on.

Research and development

QinetiQ is pushing forward to shape tomorrow, supporting research in a number of ways. We combine outstanding facilities, specially-equipped laboratories and dry rooms, with a rich heritage and experience in forward-thinking R&D. Our extensive work ranges from assisting in the evaluation of advanced lithium-ion materials, through to cell prototype development and testing, and facilitating demonstrations of innovative battery packs and modules.

Test and evaluation

Test and evaluation (T&E) is fundamental to embracing new technologies and retaining the edge in the battery world. QinetiQ helps customers through the challenges that battery test and evaluation presents.

We offer a comprehensive range of electrical, physical and environmental testing, alongside leading expertise and consultancy that enables customers to understand the implications of results and make informed decisions. We test and evaluate anything from simple electrical discharge, through to thermal shock, all the way up to destructive hazard and abusive testing.

In addition to determining and understanding the performance of technologies, we enhance research and development and support certification, as well as meeting international dangerous goods shipping regulations.

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