QinetiQ de-risks complex aviation programmes, helping military and civil aerospace customers to:


Keep aircraft in service for longer. By updating today’s platforms with tomorrow’s technology we future-proof them against evolving threats, the changing regulatory environment, and issues associated with ageing structures and systems. We design, test and deliver modifications and aircraft system upgrades, and provide continuous support to ensure airworthiness. We also find new ways to use existing assets and apply innovative solutions to reduce wear and tear.

Comply with ever-tighter regulation, and assure safety. We evaluate risks and identify the best way of exploiting advanced air technologies to manage them. As well as designing and running test and evaluation programmes for new aircraft and equipment, we deliver flight test training. We also provide advice on de-risking aviation development programmes, and assist with actions such as setting requirements, cost-modelling and defining acceptance criteria.

Do more with less. As budgets become increasingly constrained, we help customers design and implement new business models that reduce the cost of operation and make the delivery of services more efficient and effective. Through the intelligent application of technology developed in our world-class aviation research we improve the performance of systems and unlock ways to make aircraft more reliable, available and maintainable. 

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