Joint Forces

QinetiQ has the breadth of capability to support customers across the Joint environment. Our people have the skills and experience to help them:

Mirach launch

Solve the most urgent and complex problems in the physical Land, Sea, and Air domains and in cyber space. Our many years of supporting operations worldwide have given us the deep-seated knowledge to understand and evaluate problems spanning activity from the focused needs of Special Forces to the specialist logistics requirements of UK and NATO forces operating for prolonged periods in a potentially hostile environment.

Understand the complexities of C4ISR. These vital enabling capabilities are the foundation for all global military and security activity. Building on a research capability that is second to none, our specialists provide advice and products which ensure reliable and secure communications. Our cyber specialists have the deep expertise necessary to protect networks, and understand where vulnerabilities may exist.

Build critical skills, on an individual or collective basis. We combine technical knowledge of the latest modelling and simulation techniques with wide-ranging experience of military and civil crisis management. By offering a blend of synthetic and live training we enable customers to make the best use of time and resources. Our instrumented ranges provide the ideal environment for testing and training with advanced weaponry, and assessing the performance of equipment and the soldier, sailor or airman using it.

Improve effectiveness away from the frontline. Our people support customers with tasks ranging from designing models that support cost-effective decision making in the acquisition process, to developing the concepts that underpin future military thinking.

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Joint Forces