QinetiQ has a long heritage of providing experts, advice, research, services and technical solutions into the Land domain. We help customers develop the capabilities required to meet the challenges of future conflict, by:

Q-Net RPG Protection

Improving the planning, delivery and management of capability. We advise on acquisition, risk management and cost modelling and provide support to programme management. We collect and analyse the evidence required to make difficult prioritisation and trade-off decisions through:

  • research, development, assessment, and experimentation
  • operational analysis and
  • test and evaluation

Maintaining the technological edge over potential adversaries. QinetiQ helps customers exploit advanced and complex technologies to maintain the edge while moving to smaller land forces, counter both kinetic and cyber threats, and benefit from enhanced protection and situational awareness. Through targeted research we define requirements and independently assess technology. Then we deliver innovative, bespoke solutions in areas such as threat detection and warning, robotics, armour and hybrid electric drives.

Extending the service life and value of vehicles and equipment. We upgrade automotive systems, physical and electronic protection systems, weapons systems and architectures and adapt equipment for wider operational and training use. This involves improving system survivability, developing and delivering generic architectures for vehicles, soldiers and bases, and the effective management of fleets and inventory.

Preparing troops for contingent operations. By exploiting commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies and simulation tools, which continue to rapidly evolve in the gaming industry, we develop and deliver training solutions that allow customers to prepare for the demands of future conflict through the integrated use of live, virtual and synthetic environments.

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