QinetiQ helps military and commercial customers plan for the extensive changes taking place in the naval, marine and maritime environments. We work with them to:

Ocean Basin

Get the best value from assets. We support concept development and design to deliver efficiency savings, ensure vessels and platforms meet requirements, and improve aspects of performance – such as manoeuvrability and combat system effectiveness. Our capabilities include test and evaluation of submarines, warships and commercial maritime vessels. We’ve also provided design advice to the RNLI and on subsea energy generation systems.

Harness emergent technologies to drive down costs and increase safety. At our specialist facility we test and experiment with surface and subsurface unmanned vessels. This will lead to the development of automated solutions that enable customers to reduce the manpower required for certain tasks and operations – cutting costs and eliminating the need for people to enter dangerous areas.

Save fuel costs and follow a ‘green agenda’. Using simulation, modelling and in-water testing at QinetiQ’s ship performance optimisation centre we evaluate and improve the performance of ships in a controlled environment.

Solve skills shortages. Our people have the expertise to handle everything from ship-building to decommissioning, applying their deep and detailed knowledge of equipment and systems to analyse and solve the most difficult challenges. We also operate facilities on behalf of customers.

Manage the impact of defence review and transformation. QinetiQ’s research supports recapitalisation programmes by shining a light on where technology can be used to reduce the cost of platforms. We also support the transfer of key capability decisions to frontline command, providing expert advice that is independent of the supply chain.


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    1. Naval Mission Systems
    2. Maritime Command Information
    3. Maritime Stealth
    4. Maritime Design & Optimisation
    5. Maritime Life Support
    6. Platform Readiness
    7. New technologies
    8. Maritime Strategic Capability Agreement (MSCA)
    9. Naval Combat Systems Engineering






LTPA - Long Term Partnering Agreement

 Through a 25-year agreement, QinetiQ manages a number of core MOD Test & Evaluation (T&E) and Training Support capabilities in the UK. 


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