​QinetiQ has access to the best ideas from the most highly regarded academics, engineers and scientists in the UK and worldwide. We help customers apply research to their trickiest challenges by:


Translating our thinking into other industries. By fully exploiting QinetiQ’s technologies and innovations we allow customers across all domains to benefit from our knowledge. Taking a solution that has been successful in one domain or situation, we investigate the possibilities for adapting it to another – initially through additional research, then test and evaluation. For instance, trials involving our POINTER advanced targeted technology, used in MOD and homeland defence, determined a possible new use within the naval environment.

Enhancing operational effectiveness. We take COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) software and hardware and spin the knowledge out into cost-effective solutions for defence customers – leveraging the significant investment made in commercial gaming technology to train soldiers, for example. We also feed information and data gathered in theatre into our training and simulation tools, to create realistic immersive environments in which troops can rehearse scenarios and prepare for operations.

Making sure the best of the best gets through. QinetiQ leads many research programmes which include contributions from academics, SMEs and large industrial primes. This means our customers can be sure they are getting the best skills and solutions, while our partners can access research funds that increase their global competitiveness. For example, the Weapons Science and Technology Centre (WSTC) – a consortium of organisations from MOD and industry – plans, tasks and delivers research into technologies for complex weapons, general munitions and energetic materials. QinetiQ acts as independent arbitrator; pulling through the best of what’s on offer by targeting resources where they make the greatest impact and difference.

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