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QinetiQ is helping the UK Government draw greater value from its ICT assets, suppliers and services, through:

Making a successful transition to the new multi-vendor sourcing model. Supported by our AWARD software and an unrivalled knowledge of best practice in ICT sourcing, our procurement and contracting specialists help customers select the right supplier for each service, and effectively manage multiple vendors and contracts. We can assist with everything from preparation, qualification, evaluation and negotiation to continuous supplier performance review and contract compliance.

Accessing appropriate cloud-based services, and fully realising the efficiencies and flexibility they promise. As a partner in the Skyscape Cloud Alliance, QinetiQ is at the forefront of providing secure cloud services that are available to buy through the Government Cloud (G-Cloud) programme’s CloudStore – including infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service. We also deliver solutions that make the cloud secure, and the elasticity to ramp services up or down when there are peaks or troughs in demand.

Securing systems and networks, meeting IL3 and above requirements. QinetiQ offers protective monitoring, in accordance with GPG13, as a 24/7 managed service delivered through our own Security Operation Centre. We provide  a standard service model across a number of different departments, allowing customers to benefit from shared cost, consistency, scalability and the quality of service that comes from the broad visibility our team has of current threats and vulnerabilities. Our vendor independence also enables us to operate very effectively as a supplier within the government’s new service model – with a fully objective view of security across the customers we serve.

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