Energy and Water

QinetiQ ensures the resilience of critical systems used by utilities, through understanding and mitigating vulnerabilities and managing risk to a level consistent with the organisation’s risk appetite. We help customers in the energy and water industries secure and protect the three kinds of system on which they depend:

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The business systems that allow them to co-ordinate and organise their operations. We work closely with customers to protect all the services which run across the corporate network – including their email, intranet services and applications. We design and engineer secure new systems, carry out testing and simulated penetration of systems being deployed, and deliver protective monitoring and response on established systems through our own 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre.

The industrial systems which control and manage generation and distribution. QinetiQ has an exceptionally detailed level of familiarity with the systems required to manage large-scale distribution networks, and generation assets like water treatment works or power stations, for instance. This positions us perfectly to understand how to mitigate the risks of both threat (malicious attack) and hazard (non-malicious or accidental attack) to an acceptable level.

Smart meters and other new systems that allow a more complex and rich exchange of information. Smart meters are being increasingly deployed by utilities providers keen to take advantage of the opportunity to greatly enhance communication with their customers. However, these systems also present an enhanced risk, as the ‘attack surface’ of the corporate network – both business and industrial systems – is greatly increased. We are able to offer specialist security support in this area, and have recently been selected to provide support to a major utility smart meter roll-out in the UK.

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Energy and Water