QinetiQ helps mining companies assure the safety and productivity of their people and the security of their assets, through:

Virtual reality training that makes mining safer. Jointly developed with Coal Services Pty Ltd (CSPL) in Australia, our mine safety and rescue training capability includes:

  • QinetiQ’s training and simulation expertise
  • Mine safety training simulation software developed in the gaming industry, and
  • The world’s most advanced virtual reality 360-degree 3D theatre – a fully immersive, interactive environment that provides all the sights and sounds of a real mine to offer immersive hazard, emergency and rescue training

More than 2,500 miners each year are trained in this way by customers including Rio Tinto, reducing injury rates, increasing operational efficiency and minimising mine ‘down time’.

Mining safety training

Protecting mine sites and operations from intrusion, damage or interruption. Our OptaSense® Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology uses any standard fibre-optic cable to secure the perimeter of sites, and monitor assets in real-time for indicators of third party interference or accidental damage, incidents and other safety and performance-relevant activities. Events are detected, classified and located quickly and accurately to enable preventative or corrective action to be taken.

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