Oil and Gas

​In an industry where the stakes are always high, QinetiQ brings international and state oil and gas companies greater safety, security and integrity, and optimises the performance of their assets and operations. Our innovative technologies provide a high level of situational awareness that enables customers to:

Protect high value assets from the operational, environmental and political impacts of events. Using our OptaSense® Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, we exploit fibre-optic cable to assure the security of pipelines and critical facility assets. We protect over 12,000km of oil and gas pipelines around the world, monitoring them in real-time for indicators of third party interference such as hot-tapping or accidental damage, as well as securing the perimeters of pump stations and larger refinery facilities.




Improve safety. Our technologies permit seismic profiling and well monitoring to be conducted more safely, quickly and cheaply than traditional techniques such as geophones, exposing operators to lower risks on the ground across hundreds of well sites across the globe.

Maintain integrity, preventing costly interruptions and environmental catastrophe. By detecting leaks and failures in oil and gas infrastructure at much earlier stages than traditional systems, we allow customers to minimise the cost, environmental risk and reputational impact. We also provide the ability to monitor operating activities such as fracking perforations, well tooling or pipeline inspection gauge tracking.

Optimise asset performance. With small differences in yield and operating efficiency making a difference of millions of pounds on the bottom line, QinetiQ harnesses technology to assist oil and gas operators in maximising operating performance in downhole operations, minimising downtime of assets and enabling their people to work more productively in the field.

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Oil and Gas