QinetiQ gives telecoms providers the ability to expand their portfolio of services to increase business with existing clients and unlock new opportunities. We help our customers to:

Deliver new services in new areas. By tapping into our cyber security expertise, customers are able to broaden their capability and target lucrative business opportunities. 

Move into the ‘IL3 and above’ marketplace. Government and large organisations require data security levels of IL3 (RESTRICTED) and higher for their systems. We deliver GPG13 Protective Monitoring services, information assurance consultancy and Advanced Intrusion Testing (AIT) services that support our customers’ own propositions into the government and high assurance marketplaces.

Offer a low-risk, credible proposition. QinetiQ’s history, capability and independence allow our customers to offer an accredited third party service their clients can trust. Working us with gives them the capacity to bid for new programmes alongside maintaining the contracts they already have.

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