QinetiQ supports government organisations and infrastructure managers in transforming the future landscape of global transport. We help customers to:

Meet rising demand and expectations, while driving efficiencies. Sustaining growth in passenger, vehicle and freight levels on a tighter budget is a challenge. Our people find innovative ways of using today’s technology to respond to changing needs and deliver value for money – for example increasing network performance and capacity by getting more out of existing infrastructure.

Minimise service disruption and maximise availability. We help customers improve reliability and reputation and avoid revenue losses through enhanced, proactive, targeted maintenance regimes. These could involve reliability modelling, condition monitoring and robust recovery planning.

Beat the skills shortage by building competencies. QinetiQ combines immersive simulation, e-learning and courses to train operation and maintenance teams effectively, safely and cheaply, without disrupting business as usual.

Deliver large and complex change programmes on time and to budget. To ensure customers’ goals are met, we advise them on everything from requirements management through to risk management, system integration and acceptance. We support the procurement process with our AWARD software, and we can also help customers manage projects safely and efficiently.

Monitor networks to enable rapid decision-making and incident response. Our highly innovative OptaSense system monitors complete rail or road networks to provide real-time data on traffic, unauthorised movement, asset condition and infrastructure. Using the customer’s existing fibre core, it requires zero trackside or roadside equipment and power and significantly reduces the need for manpower.




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