Key Facts & Figures

Who Are We:

  • 6,000+ knowledgeable workers - Our scientists, engineers, technicians & business people come from a remarkable range of disciplines.
  • QinetiQ’s Ocean Basin testing facility in Gosport, UK is the biggest covered water space in Europe
    We are an independent provider of impartial technology-based advice, test and evaluation with global revenues, in the year to 31 March 2016, of £755.7m.
  • With major facilities at Farnborough, Boscombe Down, Malvern, Portsdown and Haslar, we are one of the UK’s largest research and technology organisations.
  • As a key supplier to the Ministry of Defence, we’re working on over 1,000 defence contracts at any one time.
  • We hold more than 1,500 granted patents and have 1,000 patents pending.
  • Our UK Environmental Management System is certified to ISO 14001 and applies to our own estate and the sites we manage on behalf of the MOD. Many of the MOD sites contain designated conservation areas of national and international importance.
  • In 2014 we won the MOD’s Silver Otter conservation award for our work at MOD Aberporth.

What We Do:

  • ESA’s GOCE Spacecraft
    We provide test, evaluation and training support services to the UK MOD through the Long Term Partnering Agreement. During the life of this 25 year contract we are generating £700m of savings, employing 2000 employees at over 20 sites, and we are responsible for over 750 MOD projects.
  • We support front line allied troops in areas of conflict by completing a wide range of Urgent Operational Requirements to deliver the latest equipment.
  • The first British citizen to be selected as an astronaut by the European Space Agency was a student at the Empire Test Pilot School, which QinetiQ operates in partnership with the MOD at Boscombe Down.
  • QinetiQ has saved over 84,800 nautical miles of naval ship travel through the deployment of transportable maritime range capability into theatre.
  • Through our close collaboration with MBDA and our SME supply base QinetiQ was able to showcase the conversion of Brimstone anti-armour missile to address the fast inshore attack craft threat in 5 months. The solution will protect Ships from this increased terrorist threat.
  • We are trusted by NASA and ESA to provide the communications relay to Mars.
  • QinetiQ has helped cut the amount of time lost to injury in Australian coal mining by 43% through the application of expertise in virtual reality training.

Our world-class facilities:

  • Low-speed wind tunnel tests begun in December 2013 for the Boeing 777X at QinetiQ's test facility in Farnborough
    QinetiQ’s low speed wind tunnel is one of just three in the world and is used regularly by Boeing under a 10-year contract.
  • Every 2 seconds an aircraft takes off or lands whose wing design was tested in QinetiQ’s low speed wind tunnel!
  • QinetiQ’s ocean basin at Gosport, Hampshire, is the largest in Europe – it’s the size of 16 Olympic swimming pools. Scale models of the new UK aircraft carriers Queen Elizabeth II and Prince of Wales have undergone trials in the basin to ensure their stability and handling.
  • QinetiQ’s ship tank, also in Gosport, was used to train Team GB Canoeists for London 2012.
  • Since 1943, The Empire Test Pilot School, managed by QinetiQ has trained over 1,300 test pilots from 32 countries.
  • QinetiQ operates the West Wales UAV Centre, Europe’s only airspace where unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can be tested and flown.
  • The 1,500m test track that QinetiQ operates at MOD Pendine in Wales is the longest in Europe. It was recently used to test small missile-like probes that will allow scientific measurements to be taken from the far side of the Moon for the first time.
  • The Runway at MOD Boscombe Down is the 2nd longest in the UK.

Some of our World-Leading Products:

  • QinetiQ’s OptaSense is the world's first real-time hydraulic fracture monitoring capability - sonar on land. It protects 7% of the world's daily output of oil.
  • Proba V, the earth observation satellite, launched in May 2013
    QinetiQ’s lifesaving Alarm radar detects, confirms, tracks and predicts rocket point of impact within one second. It has saved lives. The Alarm radar was taken from concept to theatre deployment in 18 months.
  • QinetiQ’s AWARD procurement evaluation software has been used on projects totalling $140bn worldwide.
  • QinetiQ has sold over 4,500 robots worldwide, mainly for dealing with improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
  • The QinetiQ Ion Thruster on the European Space Agency's (ESA) GOCE Spacecraft spent in the region of 4yrs in operation, thought to be a record for the longest Ion thruster operation in Space.
  • QinetiQ’s Borderwatch system scans half a million vehicles every year at Channel ports before the ships embark for the UK, detecting 1,600 stowaways before they get here.
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Key Facts & Figures