QinetiQ Defence Acquisition Lifecycle Services supports the MOD in the rapid introduction of new ice patrol ship

11 Jul 2011
Bristol, UK  - 7th July  2011
QinetiQ Defence Acquisition Lifecycle Services, the leading provider of services supporting the acquisition lifecycle, has assisted the UK MoD in the provision of a new ice patrol ship.  She will replace HMS Endurance, at least temporarily, which suffered serious damage when she flooded in the South Atlantic in 2008 and was withdrawn from service pending a decision on her future.

The MoD has selected the icebreaker MV Polarbjorn (Polar Bear) to become the Royal Navy’s new ice patrol vessel.  Polarbjorn has been re-christened HMS Protector while it is in Royal Navy service. Her name is taken from the sixth HMS Protector which completed 13 Antarctic ‘seasons’ between 1955 and 1968.
The need to put in place an accelerated replacement programme required the MOD to contract with industry to provide a number of specialist acquisition lifecycle services including risk management, requirement and capability planning, cost estimation, operational effectiveness analysis for the business case and preparation of the investment appraisal. QinetiQ was chosen based on its depth of capabilities in the areas identified and its track record coupled with the breadth of skills and the quality of the QinetiQ technical and commercial consulting team.
“The QinetiQ Defence Acquisition Lifecycle Services team played a fundamental role in enabling us to successfully complete the project on time. Each member of the team was highly professional and knowledgeable in their own topic of expertise whether it was building the requirements, risk management, cost modelling or creating the investment appraisal. One of the great benefits that QinetiQ brought to the project was continuity. They maintained the same high quality team throughout the life of the project,” observed Commander Cris Crossley, IPS Project Manager, DE&S Surface Combatants, MoD.
QinetiQ is the leading provider of services to support the defence acquisition lifecycle from the concept phase through assessment, demonstration and manufacture, in-service to disposal/termination.  The services are provided by a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable group of technical and commercial experts, supported by a range of proven industry specific tools and methodologies. QinetiQ have built over twenty years experience in delivering thousands of successful projects for the defence industry.

“Our work on the new ice patrol ship is an outstanding example of the value we can bring to bear on complex defence projects. We have the most comprehensive range of skills and knowledge available in the market today to address all aspects of the acquisition lifecycle.  I am very pleased that we have been able to support the MoD in the successful outcome of this project in a very short time frame,” said Steve Boughton, Director – Acquisition Services, QinetiQ.
About QinetiQ Defence Acquisition Lifecycle Services
QinetiQ is the leading provider of services and tools to support the defence acquisition lifecycle and the successful acquisition of military capability. QinetiQ‘s understanding and knowledge has been gained over twenty years experience of working with some of the world’s leading public defence organisations. QinetiQ provides proven technical and commercial services for each phase of the lifecycle. Its highly skilled consultants are drawn from a wide range of industry backgrounds whose approach is guided by the principles of delivering value for money and supported by a set of tools and structured methodologies. 
Services include through life support, safety and environmental management, programme management and assurance, supplier selection, requirements and acceptance management, business analysis, and software and product assurance. This is supported by QinetiQ’s ‘trusted experts’ programme which can provide a wide range of specialist technical and domain expertise from a large and diverse pool of associates. 
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QinetiQ Defence Acquisition Lifecycle Services supports the MOD in the rapid introduction of new ice patrol ship